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This is 12th Anniversary for the New Praise Festival which welcomes all the children and youth up to 12th grade who want to praise God with music! Though many music major students also participate in this event, you don't need to be music major, for God accepts all as we are. Nevertheless we want to give God our best, don't we? Therefore, we want to give different prizes according to how beautiful your music is, how hard you practiced. But God will also give you secret prize according to how earnest you prayed for it and how much you love Jesus.

What you should prepare: preferably hymn arrangement in classical music style,
          though any praise music goes.
How many: one or two pieces (if one piece is longer than 5 min., that's enough!)
What category: virtually any instrument like piano, string, wind, brass, solo, ensemble up to ten players, or voice goes!


Grand prize
(Invitation to perform at the winner's recital in one of those cities where this event happens like Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou: Half of air ticket price for one person will be sponsored by INPSS or sponsoring church, only when you go there and perform, and ride and three nights of home stay up to three people will be also provided.)

Gold prize
(Invitation to perform at the winner's recital in one of those cities where this event happens like Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou: Air ticket at your own expense, but ride and three nights of home stay up to three people will be provided.)

Silver prize (certificate)
Bronze prize (certificate)
Honorable mention (certificate)
Encouragement prize (certificate)

Special Prize:
The Oldham County Schools Art Center Prize (two participants will be given full scholarship for its summer arts programming 2012)

Application due: March 24, 2012
Application fee: 35 dollars for each participant
(If duet, fee is 70 dollars. But from trio, it is 100 dollars regardless of how many you are.)
(Refugee and needy family are encouraged to send email for help regarding application fee.)

When: Competition on March 31. / Festival on April 7. & 14.
Where: Heeren Hall of the SBTS (March 31. from 9:00 am)
            Lyndon Baptist Church in Louisville (April 7. 4:00 pm)
            Melbourne Heights Baptist Church in Louisville (April 14. 4:00 pm)

Application form download:

Fill it out and send it to:

Please visit the webpage dedicated to Vision 60/ 2020 for more updated information.

This international event began in South Korea in 2001. With God's amazing grace, it began to take place also in the USA in 2004, and in China in 2007. Now it is taking place annually in more cities like Seoul,Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, let alone some cities in the USA like Louisville! It was Dr. Johann Kim's vision from of old that children and youth should learn how to praise God as early as possible so as to praise God according to his great name. This vision came from this verse: Have you never read, "From the lips of children and infants you have perfected praise"? (Mt 21:16)

Dr. Johann Kim was dentist, but God called him to be church music composer. And according to this divine calling, he became church music composer, became doctor of music, and taught music theory and composition at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as adjunct faculty for years where he earned his doctoral degree. He composed many hymn arrangements and published many music scores especially for this praise festival, so that many children and youth could praise God with diverse repertoire, for God deserves lots of praise music, doesn't He? Further, he pursues spirituality and artistry in his works, so that children and youth who practice those works gradually learn of the gospel truth as well as the beauty of God. For him, praise music is like the temple of God, for the bible says that God dwells in the praises of Israel (Psalm 22:3).

One of his aims is to develop children's talents given by God before it's too late. Unfortunately many parents do not even know how talented their own children are, and subsequently waste their talent. Since 2001 many children could develop their talent and vision through his works and some of them are even serving local churches with their music now. Isn't it wonderful? And your children can do that too! One more important merit of this event is that participants are protected from depraved culture of the world, while they are practicing hymn arrangements. And God who dwells in their praise will touch their soul, heal their hurting heart, and mould them in His image. Hallelujah!

Dr. Kim's hymn variations have been used as mandatory pieces in many cities, and if not, many participants select his works for the competition voluntarily. Hundreds of performance video of his works are available on youtube, and if you put "Johann Kim" in the searching window, you can watch them. (Please do that, for if you are planning to play his music, maybe you could find the same music on youtube, and it would be a great help!) Since 2001 he has been supervising this hymn festival in Korean, China, and USA, as the founder of New Praise Support Society, also as judge for the competition. Last year he was invited as the head of judge of the New Praise Festival in Korea and China. And it is our joy that he almost certainly will be here as supervisor and judge for this 2012 Louisville New Praise Youth Festival.

The headquarter of NPSS is in Korea, where this international event started, which is run by donation. And you can be also a very precious supporter for this crucial ministry! (for more information:
Thank You & GOD bless you!

Application form download:

Fill it out and send it to: