On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of the ministry of New Praise Support Edition in 2010, we give more than hundred of precious hymn arrangements for piano by church composer Johann Kim for free as PDF file to all the members of our New Praise Family, as a token of thanksgiving to God and great joy. Those pieces are appropriate for the performance in the church, and in the concert as well. You can also use them for hymn competition. Through this gift, we pray that more talented Christian praise dream trees and Christian musicians be motivated to praise God with more diverse and artistic praise music for the glory of God. Thank you! (Many of them are available as movie files at Youtube, so please click the following icon.

However, please be sure that this ministry is primarily for the needy. So if you are able, please make a donation for this crucial ministry so that we could continue this until our Lord Jesus returns. Thank you!



Children's Hymnbook for piano PDF

Piano Variation (어린이를 위한 피아노찬양변주곡집) vol.1

Piano Variation (어린이를 위한 피아노찬양변주곡집) vol.2

Piano Variation (어린이를 위한 피아노찬양변주곡집) vol.3

Piano Variation (크리스찬 피아니스트를 위한 새 찬양곡) vol.4

The Old Rugged Cross (from "Six Meditations for the Lent)

(Pieces not for hymn competition 콩쿨 이외의 목적으로 쓰일 수 있는 곡)

주님께 드리리(Dedication)PDF for solo voice and piano (for ordination)  

Midi resources (midi files for accompaniment)

Piano Solo Praise
Piano Duet Praise
String Praise
Organ Praise
Wind Praise
Praise Vocal

[How to Print out]

1) Download and install Finale Viewer. Click the link below and follow the instructions. http://newpraise.org/korean/WinFinView.exe

2) Restart the computer.

3) Visit again where you were and click any hymn you want to view or listen. Finale Viewer will open the music scores. Even though you can’t see the entire scores, if you click play button, note will pop up and you can hear music.

4) If you want to purchase the note, please send check to the address below and send an email to kimpraise@newpraise.org which notifies for what hymn you send check and how much.

Myung W. Kim
7215 Kort Way
Louisville, KY 40220

5) After receiving check, you will be notified with email how to print out. Some notes are A4 size, so you must select "fit to page" before printing to prevent a failure.

6) If you copy 10 times what you printed out for distrubuting or presenting:

You need to pay 10 times its price. If you are missionary and you print out the notes for missionary activity, or you are too poor to pay, please send email about your situation. We would be glad to help you!